Hand Reliquary Art Workshop with Me           & ART PARADISE in PORTUGAL  


Art Paradise in Portugal & I want to give you the opportunity to experience the creative side of taking an art  workshop while discovering what Portugal has to offer. This is a great way to make art while experiencing great food, wine, traditions, music (Fado), art, flea markets, scenery and the history of this beautiful, ancient European country. It is ideally located at a beach resort near Lisbon (28 km) called Estoril and it is close to the hills of Sintra - a historical world heritage site. 

The details: 

arriving on Sept. 1 & leaving on the 10th, 2012

Local, Margarida Alberty- the owner of Art Paradise in Portugal, will be our hostess & take us for 5 days of touring,including 2 flea markets; 2 world heritage sites that include castles & palaces; Portugal's famous tiles; an outstanding contemporary art museum; a pilgrimage site that has 2 reliquaries and a visit to a contemporary reliquary maker; and did i mention the wine, the food, the beach and of course the art workshop?!!!!

The workshop will be 4 days:

“Reliquary for Finding Paradise Lost” 

“The only true paradise is paradise lost.” By Marcel Proust 

I take this to mean that when we look back on our lives there are moments we consider in hindsight to have been “paradise”. Why? Was it your physical or mental state of being? Where you were? Who you were with? How can we recognize those moments in the present NOW so that they are not lost?  We’ll spend some time dreaming up what & how we can create a little bit of paradise in our lives now. We’ll create a map of these dreams to put in our base to remind us how to find “paradise”. 

“If a little dreaming is dangerous, the cure for it is not to dream less but to dream more, to dream all the time” also Marcel Proust 

We will make a cast of one of our hands for a personal Hand Reliquary. It will sit atop a mason jar that we will put a relic(s) in.Using objects found in the flea markets & other places, we will create our very own "Finding Paradise Lost Reliquary".Why a hand reliquary? Because wherever we are in life, we are where our hands are. Pretty esoteric right? I know we’ll laugh a lot. 

Cost: $800.00 for a double room & use of studio space & Margarida being our guide. Add in $450.00 for the workshop payable to Deedee Hampton by Aug. 15th. Plus the cost of your flight into Lisbon, meals, taxi, entry into sites, fabulous flea market finds.

sorry but the workshop is full.

© Deedee Hampton 2012